Tropical Wedding Bouquets for Your Beach Wedding

At Seaquins Ballroom we love a good beach wedding theme. We also love the amazing choices of flowers to fit the affair. From bright pinks and electric aquas, to sunny yellows and oranges, the easiest way to let these colors shine is through your bridal bouquet. You can go classic with roses and peonies or modern with tulips or orchids. Let the bright, summery shades in! Here are some great beachy floral ideas for your beach themed wedding celebration:   Read More . . .

What’s the Average Age Folks Are Getting Married These Days?

Who old were you when you got married? Over the years the age seems to be significantly increasing. Back in the day (that means a long time ago in the 60’s and 70’s) couples were tying the knot at the tender age of 17 and 18 years old. Seaquins Ballroom is seeing a trend of people waiting till they are a bit older before saying I do. Take a look at what has to say about the recent trend.    Read More . . .

Plan the Perfect Family Reunion at Seaquins Ballroom

Family reunions have been gaining in popularity for the past several decades and show no sign of slowing. In fact, a recent survey shows that 63 percent of respondents have attended a family reunion, with 29 percent attending a reunion in the past two years. Seaquins Ballroom is the perfect place for your next family reunion. We have plenty of room for everyone and are centrally located in beautiful Bluffton, SC, just over the bridge from the Hilton Head Island beaches!    Read More . . .

​New Trend: Games at Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to wedding receptions, we know that not everyone wants to dance. Because we’re all so trained to think of wedding receptions as following a very specific format—meal, first dance, boogie, cake cutting, crazy dance party—it can be confusing to envision what a reception can look like without dancing. And almost inevitably, you start to worry if a wedding without dancing will even be fun. Seaquins Ballroom says do what makes you feel good! It’s your special day!    Read More . . .

Unspoken Wedding Etiquette Rules Every Guest Should Follow

Have you been invited to a wedding but you’re not quite sure of the proper etiquette – what to wear, what gift to give, who are you allowed to bring, etc.? Seaquins Ballroom urges you to be the best wedding guest you can be with these updated takes on the "proper" things to do.    Read More . . .

7 Important Things to Know for Your Beach Wedding

Life's a beach until you try to get married on one! It seems that most of us who plan beach weddings do so imagining a breezy, relaxed affair. In reality, planning a wedding in a non-traditional venue that also happens to be open to the public is anything but breezy. There are lots of things to consider before setting your sights on the ocean, from permits to personal beliefs about sand (yes, that’s a real thing). So if you’re thinking about getting married on the beach, Seaquins Ballroom near Hilton Head Island, SC suggests a few things to check on first:    Read More . . .

Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings on the Left Hand?

Seaquins Ballroom loves everything about weddings! We thought it might be fun to share some interesting facts that go behind the many wedding traditions we have today. One fun fact is about why we wear wedding rings on our left hand. Well…here’s the scoop! For years, couples have dedicated a single "ring" finger to romance when any other digit would do. A case of left side, strong side? Not according to history.   Read More . . .

​Fun Fact: Ever Wonder Why Bridesmaids Wear the Same Dresses?

The modern wedding has its fair share of customs. White gowns for brides, diamond engagement rings, wedding registries, extravagant receptions—the list goes on. Obviously the team at Seaquins Ballroom loves wedding traditions and creating the perfect wedding day, but have you even wondered where some of the things we do for and at weddings originated? Some traditions, such as matching bridesmaids’ dresses, go much farther back than you might think.    Read More . . .

Tips for the Perfect Honeymoon

Trying to plan the perfect honeymoon? Well you definitely should! Not only do you deserve it; but it’s a great way to start your new life together! Seaquins Ballroom offers a few words of advice from the experts at the Travel Channel about how to have the very best honeymoon trip possible. Here’s a few tips and hacks to get you started!   Read More . . .

​10 Things Not To Do When You Get Engaged

You’re engaged! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Okay we’re finished squealing now. Just kidding. (Aaaaaaaaaah!) Once you’ve said yes, cried a bit, hugged a lot, composed yourself, and gotten your “Newly Engaged Mani” (obviously), you’re instantly going to want to start googling wedding venues and pinning dresses.    Read More . . .

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