10 Questions to Ask Your Event Caterer

Seaquins Ballroom provides a unique catering kitchen, making your food preparation and service a breeze! Having the best event outcome means really being prepared. Here are 10 helpful questions to kick off your first conversation with a potential caterer.    Read More . . .

Travel Hacks to Help You and Your Guests Through Wedding Season

If you’re planning a destination beach wedding on Hilton Head Island and your coastal themed reception at beautiful Seaquins Ballroom, here are some handy travel hacks that will keep you and your guests cool and collected as you all train, plane, or automobile to attend this the coastal nuptials.    Read More . . .

10 Fall Food & Drink Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding

Planning an autumn wedding or event? Seaquins Ballroom knows how important sticking to your theme is, so here are a few scrumptious ideas for amazing autumn oriented food and drinks for your reception, rehearsal dinner, shower, party, or corporate event.   Read More . . .

The Perfect Fall Wedding Color Palette

Planning a fall wedding? This is a great time of the year to get married in beautiful Bluffton, SC. Seaquins Ballroom knows that the SC weather is gorgeous and the amazing new eye-catching color palettes for your fall ceremony and reception are just as grand! Here are some great color suggestions for your fall wedding:   Read More . . .

How Much Weddings Cost in the U.S.

WeddingWire sent surveys to 6000 couples across the United States, asking how, when, and where they spent their wedding budgets. Analysis of the results showed that the average cost of an American wedding in 2015 was about $30,000—a staggering figure, but one that’s not much higher than the 2014 average (between $27,000 and $31,000, depending on who you ask). Couples reported spending about $250 for each guest.   Read More . . .

5 Popular Wedding Flowers

Didn't major in botany? That's okay. When it comes to finding the most popular wedding flowers, the search can get a little overwhelming. And remember, you don't have to be a flower expert to know which blooms you like, and which you don't. Seaquins Ballroom knows how important flowers are at a wedding and want you to know your options!   Read More . . .

Here Are the Most Popular Wedding Reception Songs and Artists in 2016

Seaquins Ballroom knows just how important music is at a wedding reception. Whether it’s a band or a DJ, it truly sets the tone for the event and makes everyone more social, too! Think back to the best wedding reception you’ve ever attended. Was there dancing? There probably was, and it’s pretty likely you shook your booty to OutKast’s modern classic, “Hey Ya!” That’s according to data collected by FiveThirtyEight’s Walt Hickey, who compiled a list of the most popular wedding songs and artists.   Read More . . .

Fun Alternative Wedding Desserts to Serve Instead of Cake

Many people are starting to think about desserts that you could serve your guests other than a traditional wedding cake. Although there is a lot to be said for a good old fashioned wedding cake, Seaquins Ballroom also thinks these wedding desserts are sure to please your guests and their taste buds!    Read More . . .

Tips for Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower at Seaquins Ballroom

Once upon a time there was a beautiful bride. And, as the bride's best friend, you're charged with throwing her the bridal shower of her dreams. Seaquins Ballroom knows just how important that is to you…and her! We have the perfect affordable (and beautiful) ballroom for your bridal shower that will wow the bride and the guests! In addition, Seaquins Ballroom also offers a full catering kitchen so you can bring your own food and beverages to save you money!    Read More . . .

Wedding Tradition: Why Do Brides Toss their Bouquet?

There are many bridal traditions that are still around today. Everything from bridesmaids wearing the same dress to the meaning of a bridal veil, and even why we wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of our left hand. Seaquins Ballroom is home to many weddings and receptions in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC and we have always been curious about why women jump around like crazy trying to catch the wedding bouquet. The lovely tradition has a bit of a grim history. Here’s the scoop!    Read More . . .

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