New Wedding Color Trends for Spring 2017

If you’re not a fan or the typical muted pastels that used to be so popular at weddings, no worries…there is a new batch of wedding colors that are sure to win you over! Say goodbye to the typical pastel shades and say hello to a vibrant new color trend this spring that adds a fresh new look to your special day! Seaquins Ballroom in Bluffton, SC loves these new color trends from Pantone and we think you will, too!

Color Trends for 2017 Weddings

Pink is a classic color used in wedding decorations and the first trending wedding color in 2017 is Rose Quartz, which is a shade of pink color. Pantone says this color is “The soothing, calming nature of colors in the Spring collections are led by Rose Quartz, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.”

As a shade of orange, Peach Echo is another trending wedding color in the year 2016, which emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. Matched with pink and gold will successfully add a touch of romance to it.

A nicer shade of light blue will make every part of the wedding day so comfortable, just like the blue sky above us, making it a pastel color palette with peach.

“A maritime-inspired blue, Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context”, says Pantone. Adding some chocolate brown or other neutral colors if you’re planning a chic rustic wedding theme.

“While the majority of the Spring/Summer palette trends toward calmness, a few diversions from the theme emerge that offer a contrast. With Buttercup designers reveal a shining beacon transporting its wearer to a happier, sunnier place”, says Pantone.

As a shade of aqua, this Limpet Shell color can tell us what it’s like in spring. Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its crisp and modern influences evoke a deliberate, mindful tranquility”, says Pantone.

Who doesn’t like grays? We need a gray shade in every season and here’s the Lilac Gray. The perfect blend of the two colors looks amazing!

If you’re planning a passionate related wedding in 2017, here’s the one-Fiesta. This fun new color is a tone of coral and looks amazing with navy blue.

Here’s another neutral color scheme for the year 2017 - Iced Coffee. This color can work well with almost every color. Combine this color with green to make it oh-so-natural.

The new Green Flash hue is infrequent as a main wedding color but really brilliant with navy blue and adds a punch of color where green typically is relatively neutral!



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